A special thanks to those who support us.

We would like to give special thanks to the people and businesses who have helped or otherwise given support to Compton Networks Organization. If it were not for all of you we would not have been able to of helped all the people we have. Whether you have given of your personal time, donated computers, computer parts, computer peripherals or have offered your monetary support to us, we are very grateful. As a token of our appreciation we would like to take a moment to honor you on this page. Some people and businesses have requested not to be listed as they wish to be anonymous benefactors. While we honor your request and you are not listed, your support has been greatly appreciated.

Businesses and others that have supported us.

Kaya Saman
Optiplex Networks
London, England
Hardware & Software Sales and service.

Robin Smith
England & China
Web design & support

Frans Indroyono
Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Web Design & Support

Laco Sematana
Sturovo, Slovakia
Web Design, Programming & Security Services

Bonners Ferry, Idaho, USA
School for wayward Children

Lighthouse Mission (Lewis County Gospel Mission)
Chehalis, Washington, USA
Shelter and food for the homeless and people in need.

Stephen C. Ebbrell
Oldham, England
UK Programmer of the year 1989
Develops Bespoke Open-Source Programs.

Michael Duffy
Toonsmith Studios
Mental Health Advocacy

Lognet IT Solutions
An IT firm based in Los Angeles, CA. that I sometimes contract with. Anyway, if you are in their area and need help, I can recommend their services. They are not a free service but they are good at what they do and worth their bread & butter.

Debian GNU/Linux
The last of the original Linux computer operating system distributions to be non-commercial and fully community based.

Debian Users Forum
A free community supported forum for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.