Links of Interest

If you are using Microsoft Windows you may want a look at these links:
  • Comodo: Internet site security provider based in England. Comodo offers an anti-virus, firewall and mal-ware removal for windows based computers for FREE. ALL uninhibited for personal and business use. All programs offer an intuitive interface and are high quality, well though out software.
  • ClamAV: A quality up-and-coming free anti-virus (Linux) (Windows) or (Windows)
  • OpenOffice: A high quality free office-suite
  • Software602: Home of several products including a ICS firewall that works on WindowsNT4 and above.
  • Grisoft: This is the home of AVG Anti-Virus
  • PC Tools: A reputable software Suite
  • Mozilla: Home to Firefox web browser and Thunderbird mail client. Both quality open-source products.
  • Securing Windows: One of my forum posts on how to make Windows secure enough to be on the Internet. This is very important as it takes less than 15 minutes for an unsecured Microsoft Windows system to be infected by a worm or virus just being connected to the net but not doing anything. That is statistical data and not my own experience. I have used safe computing practices that included a firewall or NAT system in between me and the Internet for over 10 years.

  Other Recommended Links:

  • Debian Linux : An advanced Linux distribution that can still be tamed and managed by a beginner with some reading and effort. With over 29,000 packages is likely the largest non-commercial Linux distribution. This version works on about any architecture I can think of and several I can't.
  • Ulteo Linux PCLinux and Puppy Linux: These are Linux distributions geared toward beginners and those who do not like the command-line (Not your fathers Linux for sure)

  • If you are interested in Puppies you can look here.
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