Welcome to the Compton Networks Organization website!

I am Michael Compton, owner of Compton Networks Organization now located in Kettle Falls WA USA. I have been repairing computers and supporting the networks they run on professionally since 1998. I am versed in all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system; supporting both server class systems as well as home user systems. I also support the GNU/Linux, Solaris and BSD small server class systems.

I do minimal web design and support such as you see on this sight. If you or your organization needs an Internet presence similar to this site, I can set up for about $100 including domain name and simple hosting. How is that for affordable? After that you can maintain the site yourself or I can handle it for you on an on-call or monthly basis.

How do some of the fallowing prices sound to you?
  • Average virus removal is about $40
  • System restore on most home computers $50
  • Simple web site like this: $90 + domain registration & needed hosting (Could be as little as $10 a year depending on your needs).
If you are in need of advanced services like maintaining your own file or web servers I can help you set up what works best for you or your organization. Remember reusing the same copy of Windows on more than one computer is usually illegal, depending on it's license. I have some better solutions and they are more affordable.

Compton Networks Organization has been an officially licensed and registered business since 2008 with it's primary focus being to help the elderly, disabled and other low income individuals afford to have their computers maintained and serviced. Your use of my services helps provide the means for this.

Compton Networks Organization is a registered non-profit business association with the State of Washington and the federal Internal Revenue Service within the USA (this does not necessary mean that your donation will be considered tax deductible)

  • New Move! Some things are changing and we have moved to Kettle Falls, WA. Please stay tuned for future updates.
    Posted Jul 27, 2011, 2:24 PM by Michael Compton
  • All info up to date!! Hello everyone,Thanks for fallowing our progress. I finely have the content all up to date and all that is left is to have some proof reading and editing done ...
    Posted Oct 29, 2010, 11:06 PM by Michael Compton
  • Website update Things are now accurate down to "Board Members" with the exception of the case study. As a note, there has not been a case study done at this point, although ...
    Posted Oct 19, 2010, 2:33 PM by Michael Compton
  • Progress Update! Some of our pages are now filled with only our information: the Home, News, Contact Us and the first half of About Us pages are now accurate. I will try ...
    Posted Oct 13, 2010, 8:53 PM by Michael Compton
  • New! Grand Reopening Event! We are having to rebuild our site as Googles software upgrade earlier this year whiped out our original. Due to how much hosting costs we have not been able to ...
    Posted Oct 12, 2010, 6:12 PM by Michael Compton
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What services can Compton Networks Organization provide?

We offer a wide range of services for IBM and compatible computers
(commonly referred to as PCs). Some of the most common things we can provide for you (or your business) are:
  • Troubleshooting, diagnostics, maintenance and replacement of your computers hardware components and peripherals.
  • Installation of new software or updates to existing software (including the computer's operating system).
  • Data backup and restoration services for your computer or even entire networks.
  • Consultant and administrative services for the small business network environment (including the adoption of or migration to the GNU/Linux OS and open-source programs).
  • Computer education/training for the new computer user (ie. Learn the fundamentals of using your computer, it's operating system (often MS Windows or Linux on a PC) and the basic software that comes with it, including how to connect to and search for information on the internet).
  • Debian GNU/Linux specific consulting services for both business and the home user environments.
  • GNU/Linux and small network administration education/training for the novice computer user wishing to advance their knowledge and move to the world of open-source software.
  • Data and network services replication/migration to the GNU/Linux operating system and other open-source software (Don't lock yourself or your business in to the clutches of non-standard data formats costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to rectify later when a better program comes along).
  • Security assessment for the home user as well as small network/office environments.
  • Malware and virus removal.