About Us

Compton Networks Organization is a personal project of mine to help those in need in my community with their computer problems. It was inspired by my desire to still be a useful member in my community and by the open-source community values. The idea of Compton networks has been around for about 4 years although only "officially" since October of 2009. I have worked on computers since the early 1990's and became interested in the open-source community and computer operating system in 1996. This OS is called GNU/Linux although most just call it "Linux". The GNU/Linux community taught me a great many values and I in-turn share them with others. One of the most important values is to share knowledge freely with those who want to learn and to teach them how they can be free from the ideals of the corporate software market and their lock-in tactics. In this way we can share knowledge and not be tied to a specific vendor for our needs. Open-source is not free of cost, someone has paid the bill for the creation of the software. The idea is to be free to share that software (and thus knowledge) with others. Open-source programs can be modified to suite your needs and you are given the right to view the source code and use it in any manner you see fit. Including giving it away to friends free of charge. In fact, some of the open-source licensees available require that you make no profit when redistributing exact copies of the original software.

I have extended this idea to mean helping others with their computer problems. Although I do charge a fee for my services I do take into consideration the needs of those that need my help. For example the business that is paying me $75 an hour to repair their network is subsidising the grandma stuck on Social Security that lost half her income when her husband passed away.